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Letter Tray as a Decorative Docking Station

The most popular post I had on my old website was about using a letter tray as a decorative charging station.  It was actually part of a larger project to organize a desk/home office area.  But, it was the letter tray as docking station that most cost people’s attention.  So, of course for the new blog, I am bringing it back!

One area of chronic disorganization on our shared desk was the charging area.  Initially, it wasn’t that big of a problem.  But as the kids got older and we added more devices, the cords and electronics started taking over the desk area.  I had tried a couple of different decorative docking stations, but I was never happy with them.  We just couldn’t seem to keep the cords hidden and the devices confined.

Finally, after much scouring of Pinterest and thinking about the problem, I had an idea.  I had purchased a few desk accessories to deal with the paper, office supplies, etc on the desk.  On thing that I had purchased was a black, brocade letter tray from The Container Store.  It had lots of openings all over it.  It would be perfect as a practical, yet decorative docking station.

I simply put a power strip behind the desk, threaded the charging cords through the back side of the tray and taught everyone to drop everything into the tray as soon as they came in the door!!  The great thing is that it can accommodate a variety of devices as the electronics inventory shifts over time.


Original picture of my decorative docking station:

decorative docking station

Since my original post, I have tweaked the setup just a bit.  I moved the tray out of the corner of the desk to the center, moved the iPad (new case!) to the tray and added a few new cords.


Here it is today:

decorative docking tray


What is your solution for containing your electronics?


Kick the Soda Habit!

Many people want to kick the soda habit.  We would all be a lot healthier if we could manage to drink more water and kick the soda habit for good.  This blog post is a chronicle of my attempt to do just that.  I initially posted this plan on my old website (the site that was ruined by hackers!) .  At that time I was doing pretty well with my plan; however, since then I have fallen off the wagon.   Old bad habits have slipped back in.  I figure it is time to get back to it!

Quitting cold turkey seems to be beyond me.  I get headaches and I get grumpy.  So I devised a plan to slowly reduce my soda intake over 7 weeks.  Here’s a picture of the chart that I am using to track my progress:


kick the soda habit

Each time that I have a soda, I cross it off my chart.  Just having the chart forces me to admit what I am actually drinking and to acknowledge any cheating that I do.

If you want to give this method a try too, here is a link to the PDF file of the “kick the soda habit” chart.  Feel free to print it out and use it too.  I would love to hear in the comments how it works for you.


I’ll keep you posted about my progress too!

Sarcoma Awareness

Sarcoma Awareness Cupcake

I was recently asked by a friend to make cupcakes for a very happy reason – her husband’s successful treatment for cancer!!  We chose to use the yellow Sarcoma Awareness ribbon as a topper.

To create the topper, I ordered a chocolate candy mold in the shape of the awareness ribbon.  I ordered this very inexpensive mold made by Cybrtrayd from Amazon.  Since Sarcoma Awareness uses yellow ribbons, I used yellow Wilton’s candy melts.

For flavor, we decided to do half butterscotch ( a perennial favorite!) and half chocolate pudding filled chocolate cupcakes.  You can find the recipe for the butterscotch cupcakes here on the blog.  The chocolate cupcakes are a slight variation of the Brooklyn Blackout Cupcakes in Anne Byrn’s fabulous book, Cupcakes!: From the Cake Mix Doctor.  This book is great for anyone who wants to make tasty cupcakes but isn’t quite ready to take the plunge to completely scratch baking.


Happy baking!  And while you’re at it, make a donation to the cancer organization of your choice.  We all know someone who has been touched with cancer.