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What is Foap?

I recently heard about Foap!  The irony about how I first learned of Foap is that it was my mom who told me about it.  I generally consider myself to be a little more “in the know” or hip than she is.  Apparently, I am mistaken.

foap picture of umbrella girl


So, what is Foap? 

It’s a relatively new photo app that lets you sell all those photos you have stuck in digital la la land.  It is available for both iOS and Android devices.  Once you have the app, you can upload your photos to their site.  The community has to rate and approve your photos (you get to rate other people too!)  Once uploaded to their site, your photos are for sale to anyone who wants to buy them.  Photos sell for $10.  You get $5 and Foap gets $5.  You can read more of the ins and outs of their app, terms of use and licenses on the community portal portion of their website.

In addition to offering a place to sell your photos, Foap also offers “missions” which are basically photo contests which are centered around a particular brand or theme.  The winner of each mission collects a prize ranging up to a few hundred dollars!

Is Foap worth it?  Does it work?

This is the real question about Foap.  Do people actually make money off their photos through Foap?  I do not know what their overall statistics are for how much money the average Foap-er makes.  However, I can tell you my personal experience with Foap.


I joined Foap several months ago.  (You should check out my portfolio!)  I have had lots of fun rating other people’s photos and being rated.  You can also leave comments and follow people.  This part of the process has a very social media feel to it.  If you enjoy Instagram, Facebook, etc. you will probably enjoy this too.  As much fun as I think the app is, I have not yet sold a single photo on Foap.  That’s right – not a single one!  So far, my portfolio has been a strike out.

BUT, I am happy to report that I did win one of the “missions!!!”  The theme of the mission was “Shadows” and I won $100!  You can read the article they wrote about me and my photo here.  You can also see the photos of the other finalists in the mission here.  The staff at Foap (which is based in Sweden by the way) notified me via email about the win and my prize money was paid promptly via Paypal.  It was all handled quickly and professionally.  I had absolutely zero problems receiving my reward.  Initially, I was a bit unsure about this part of the process, but it was great!  Here is the winning photo:

"Shadows" Mission Winner
“Shadows” Mission Winner


Currently, I have several photos entered into missions.  Maybe I will get lucky again!


Bottom Line

I don’t think that I will get rich with the Foap app or that I will be launched into photographic fame.  But it’s fun, easy to use and the company delivers payments in a timely fashion.  I’m going to keep building my portfolio and see what happens.


Happy picture taking!


Rock Star Cupcakes!

More cupcakes!   A friend just asked me to help her out with some rock star cupcakes for her daughter’s Rock Star birthday party.  She had a lot of super fun ideas to go along with the theme and wanted the cupcakes to match the fun, rockin’ nature of the rest of the party.  We decided on chocolate mint cupcakes with microphones on top.  Here is the finished product.

Instructions for a variety of rock star cupcakes with microphones can be found all over Pinterest and the internet.  I found the instructions for these cupcakes in the fabulous book, What’s New, Cupcake?   This book has lots of fun, easy to follow cupcake projects.  Basically, all I needed to make the microphones were mini ice cream cones, doughnut holes, silver dragees (what is a dragee?) and frosting.  Using the frosting like “glue” I attached the doughnut holes to the ice cream cones, iced the doughnut hole and covered it in the silver dragees.  A little time consuming, but super easy.


In addition to the rock star cupcakes, my friend had a whole line up of fun activities for the girls.  I take NO credit for any of the rest of the party, but it was such a cute party that I thought I would share a few photos.  She had a decorating station (decorating hats and sunglasses), tattoo station, hair station and a karaoke stage.

Monogram Cupcake Toppers

Recently, a friend asked me to make cupcakes for a christening party for her daughter, Sarah Grace.  My friend has taste and style and her parties are generally decorated like a magazine layout.  So I needed to come up with something tasty and pretty!  After some thought I thought that a monogram design would be just the thing.  Initially, I thought about chocolate initials on top. Unfortunately, the baby has a double name and the G after the S was my downfall.  Apparently, I need to work on my chocolate writing skills (or stick with friends whose babies have easy, single initials!)  So it was off to plan B.

I began to search Pinterest and the internet for an easy monogram cupcake topper to make.  I found lots of cute ideas, but none that quite worked for me.  So, I plunged in and began working on my own. Here are the toppers I came up with:

monogram cupcake toppers

You can find instructions on how I made the monogram cupcake toppers here.

Once I had my toppers, it was just a matter of baking, frosting and decorating 75 cupcakes. Whew!  We decided to go with 2 flavors.  One is a tried and true favorite for us – chocolate mint cupcakes with a mint buttercream.  The other was butterscotch with vanilla buttercream.  Here is the finished product:

monogram cupcake toppers
chocolate mint cupcakes with monogram toppers


Click on the links below to find the recipes for the icing and both kinds of cupcakes.


vanilla buttercream

mint buttercream

chocolate mint cupcakes

butterscotch cupcakes